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"Oh hey the cheddar was amazing.   Especially on Toast!!!" 
Paul Fegan, Ecosse World Logistics Kft
 "With about 170 participants expected for the annual Canadian Chamber BBQ in the Gundel garden, I turned to Rob Longworth to supply us with quality, Canadian T-bones. The quality of the T-bones from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains was first rate, juicy and tasty. I am happy to recommend Prime Cuts to supply anyone with quality meat."
Nicholas Sarvari, President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. 
"The wait is over! After many years of tough, disappointing beef I have found the "source" of excellent quality beef. Rob's Prime Cuts puts you in your back yard bar-b-q with top notch t-bones. This truly is a taste of home. I would highly recommend Rob's beef to those who are after great beef, reasonable prices and a wide variety of cuts to choose from.

     Kevin Fayarchuk, American School teacher

" Hi Rob, Steaks were soft, juicy and delicious. My local butcher will never see me again! Thanks,"

    Wolfgang Bartesch,   Managing Director/Ügvezető igazgató,   FOX AUTORENT


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Hello Meat Lovers!

Let's take the uncertainty and risk out of buying meat in Hungary. Prime Cuts is a reliable source that can deliver consistent quality meat at a reasonable price. Welcome to Prime Cuts s.r.o. Please note, all prices are NET EUR/Kg. Purchases can be paid for by bank transfer. Payment by PayPal and credit cards can also be accepted.