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Dear Meat-Lovers . . .

Well, it seems there is plenty of interest for this service I am providing, as more and more people are contacting me about it. Also, the feedback from customers about the quality of the meat has been very positive. so I have decided to significantly expand the range of meat and now some non-meat products on the website.

I have increased the number of products on the website from 6 products to 23 products. Most of the new products are individually-packed steaks of different cuts, but I have also added a range of Irish products including Irish bacon, sausages, a Full Irish breakfast combo and even two types of Irish cheddar.

I have also added some new information under the Tips 'n Tricks section and new recipes for some of the new types of meat.

As always, if there is anything you want but do not find on my site, please let me know what you want and I look forward to the challenge of trying to bring it to you.

Jó éjtvágyat, 


Tried a new beef supplier and the meat looked good, but . . .

Well, I tried to cook a very nice looking roast two days ago. I was testing a supply from a Hungarian producer of Bio Black Angus and it was quite expensive. The piece of meat looked good. I did my research on how to do the roast, prepared everything to go with it, and sat the family down for a special roast beef meal. The roast was tough as hell, what a disappointment!

Now I know the type of co

w was good for beef, and the bio aspect increases price but should not have caused the problem. The issue must have been either the method of slaughter and/or the ageing (or total lack there of) of the meat. I've gone back to the suppliers with some questions and won't be offering their meat ti Prime Cuts customers until the quality improves drastically.

The never-ending search for quality goes on...


Written by Robert Longworth — October 18, 2012

First Post

I welcome all new customers to give their feedback on how they found the product's quality.

Happy Grilling,


Written by Shopify — June 20, 2012

Hello Meat Lovers!

Let's take the uncertainty and risk out of buying meat in Hungary. Prime Cuts is a reliable source that can deliver consistent quality meat at a reasonable price. Welcome to Prime Cuts s.r.o. Please note, all prices are NET EUR/Kg. Purchases can be paid for by bank transfer. Payment by PayPal and credit cards can also be accepted.