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Well, I tried to cook a very nice looking roast two days ago. I was testing a supply from a Hungarian producer of Bio Black Angus and it was quite expensive. The piece of meat looked good. I did my research on how to do the roast, prepared everything to go with it, and sat the family down for a special roast beef meal. The roast was tough as hell, what a disappointment!

Now I know the type of co

w was good for beef, and the bio aspect increases price but should not have caused the problem. The issue must have been either the method of slaughter and/or the ageing (or total lack there of) of the meat. I've gone back to the suppliers with some questions and won't be offering their meat ti Prime Cuts customers until the quality improves drastically.

The never-ending search for quality goes on...


Written by Robert Longworth — October 18, 2012



Put your pot roast in a crock pot straight from pagckae. Add salt pepper,paprika(flavor4 broth) McCormciks HeartyBeefStew Seasoning and place in crock pot on KEEP WARM. TIMES MAY VARY When you put it on High that means you have added your chopped potatoes and onion gravy(this adds a lil more flavor and gives a lil thickness..when you put on LOW you have added your celery, carrots onions

December 13 2012 at 09:12 PM


As far as I know most of the beef you get from Hungarian sources is from milking cows. When they don’t provide enough milk they are simply slaughtered for their meat. The problem is that milking cow meat is mediocre at best. I have a couple of restauranteur friends here who have been trying to find a local source for acceptable beef but kept bumping into this same phenomenon. They have since given up and are using import beef cattle meat from Spain, Italy, etc.

February 05 2013 at 09:02 AM

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