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Wilkinson Sausages

Local expat, David Wilkinson has a long family history of butchers and sausage making from England. He makes all his sausages here in Hungary from fresh local ingredients. 

The deadline for ordering is noon Wednesday for Thursday production and a delivery shortly after that. 

These sausages are a quality local product well worth trying!


Keep fresh in your fridge 3-5 degrees C. from day of production 3-4 days. Freeze at -15-20 degrees C.for 2-3 months. All meats are certified grade A and produced under strict HACCP regulations. The sausage does contain breadcrumbs (gluten) unless stated. The sausage is a real natural food, in that is does not contain any sulfates (other than sea salt) or any artificial additives of any kind.



Hello Meat Lovers!

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