Prime Cuts

The Aim of Prime Cuts s.r.o. is to provide quality meat to private individuals. I have been in the hospitality/restaurant industry since 1995 in Hungary and know the supply side of the business for raw materials quite well. Unfortunately, of these sources are not available to private individuals. At the same time, the supply of quality meat to supermarkets and butcher shops is notoriously inconsistent.

For nearly 20 years I have been receiving the same question from friends and acquaintances, "Where do you guys buy your beef from?". Another problem involved in buying good meat is that many people don't actually know what quality meat is. It may look good in the shop and then be as tough as #@&% when you get it home, or serve it up to your important guests. One of the worst things is to spend a lot of money on meat and then to be disappointed when you cook it up.

So, the simple idea of making quality meat much more accessible, at a reasonable price, to the average person on the street was the inspiration behind Prime Cuts. The quality of the pork and poultry in Hungary is very good, so the initial focus has been on beef & lamb. More recently, many of Prime Cuts regular customers have been asking for seafood. I ran Ocean bar & grill and a seafood wholesale business for 6 years, so am happy to also now supply quality seafood.

This site shows some of the types of meats I can bring into Hungary on fairly short notice. Prime Cuts prefers to bring in most meat products fresh, to cut and pack it to the customer's wishes and deliver it fresh. Most seafood products are brought in frozen, naturally. If there are any products you are interested in and don't see, please let me know and I will see what I can do about bringing them in.

While buying quality raw materials is crucial, the preparation and cooking of it are also very important. I will be continuously building more information into this website to help you to prepare, marinade, cook and serve your quality meat & seafood like a pro.

Happy Grilling!


Hello Meat Lovers!

Let's take the uncertainty and risk out of buying meat in Hungary. Prime Cuts is a reliable source that can deliver consistent quality meat at a reasonable price. Welcome to Prime Cuts s.r.o. Please note, all prices are NET EUR/Kg. Purchases can be paid for by bank transfer. Payment by PayPal and credit cards can also be accepted.