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Canadian T-bone Steak

Unfortunately, currently unavailable, but can be brought in if there is a large order!


Heritage Angus Grade AA or higher T-bone steaks, beautiful marbling, range-fed and grain finished beef from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Excellent on the BBQ. 

Any beef imported to the EU from North America has to be 100% totally free of growth stimulants and hormones and is therefore organic in nature. In Canada there is only 1 association of 8 cattle farms in western Canada which meet the strict EU requirements to be able to sell their meat in the EU. The added costs of producing beef this way are unfortunately reflected in its price, but rest assured, you are getting top-quality organic beef for your money. You won't be disappointed.

The T-bone consists of the strip-loin (sirloin) and the tenderloin (smaller) side. The tenderloin side can be quite small toward the back of the animal, whereas as it gets bigger toward the front, it turns into a Porterhouse T-bone.

These steaks are not always in stock and can take a little while to come in, so please order well in advance of when you might need them.

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