Prime Cuts

US Prime Rib Steaks from Creekstone


These premium steaks have been reduced the price from under 40 EUR/Kg.,  you gotta try 'em!

These Prime Black Angus steaks from the US are like the Rolls-Royce of steaks. They are meticulously raised, fed, aged and processed to give you one of the finest steaks produced in North America. The marbling of these Prime Bone-in Ribeye steaks are very similar to Kobe beef. These ribeye steaks are one of the tastiest of steaks I have ever tried, even my Italian chef in Trattoria Toscana said they are amazing, expensive, but worth it. If you really want to treat yourself you got try these, they are delicious!


For more information, see the Creekstone website here.

These steaks are cut in sizes of about 350 - 500g each, the price is the price/kilogram.

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Let's take the uncertainty and risk out of buying meat in Hungary. Prime Cuts is a reliable source that can deliver consistent quality meat at a reasonable price. Welcome to Prime Cuts s.r.o. Please note, all prices are NET EUR/Kg. Purchases can be paid for by bank transfer. Payment by PayPal and credit cards can also be accepted.