Prime Cuts

U.S. "World's Finest" burgers

AVAILABLE AGAIN! Unfortunately at a slightly higher price than before because of an increase from the supplier. But these juicy burgers are still well worth it!

These juicy burgers are made in The Netherlands from exclusively 100% U.S. beef. These burgers are very juicy when cooked and more seasoned than the Irish Black Angus burgers. These burgers are more suited to the American tastes for burgers.

The burgers are 200g (over 7 oz.) each. They come 10 in a 2 Kg. box, but are individually vacuum-packed, so you can order any number of burgers you want.

Hello Meat Lovers!

Let's take the uncertainty and risk out of buying meat in Hungary. Prime Cuts is a reliable source that can deliver consistent quality meat at a reasonable price. Welcome to Prime Cuts s.r.o. Please note, all prices are NET EUR/Kg. Purchases can be paid for by bank transfer. Payment by PayPal and credit cards can also be accepted.